Restless, is the mind.

Priorities, yet not set.

Debts, continue to mount.

Unsure of what yet to come.


Tell me I was great, without any “buts”. 

She understands the feelings of her students, because she does not expect greatness from them. She can never understand the feelings of her own daughters, because she will always want perfection.

Strings of Nature

How delicate should I be

for me to play on the strings of a spider’s web?

Will I be able to hear the sad harmony

played on these fine lines?

Or are the small creatures of this world

the only ones to enjoy the sweet melancholy

coming out from my worn-out and stained fingertips?

Will they unite

to listen to the stories

of a heart that barely survived?

Prying eyes

I see your eyes

that pry into my thoughts.

I see your eyes

as they skim over the emotions

that scream in the depth of my words.

I see your eyes

narrow as they re-read a part

that you think could be about you.

I see your eyes

blink as they try to take in the

heaven or hell that I am describing,

thinking you understand me

Just because I let you

Pry into my thoughts.