You are that man.

That feeling you have

that thought you get,

when you find a guy looking so passionately

to the one he’s with,

and you wish,

you wish

you can have someone to look at you that way.

And I did.

I never realised it before.


I do now,

the way you look at me,

is the way any girl wants her man’s eyes to be.

I give myself to you.

I’ve learnt

that in this world

nothing can work

the way you want it to.

It’s a world made for you to adapt,

force you out of the options you really want to choose,

forcing you to work so hard

for you to reach your goals.

You have to work even harder

to maintain the things that you’ve managed to get a hold of.

But there are times,

when you lose things,

lose someone

or more,

and you’re forced to let them go.

And I,

I’ve done what I can, so far.

I don’t care anymore

I don’t care for things to happen the way I want them to;

if the world insists in taking away the things I was passionate about,

then i’ll force it to work the way You want them to.

I’ll love You with everything I’ve got.

I’ll make Your dreams come true.

I’ll create a family for You.

I’ll leave parts of me, in case I die before you,

so You won’t feel lonely.

I’ll raise them well, so they won’t trouble you.

I’ll tell them how much You loved you me.

and how I was a fool for not falling for you from the start.


My energy comes from you.

Why is it when we need the courage

to say something

to do something,

we look at those who support us

we picture their face in our head

as if we can steal some of their energy

as if we can charge ours with theirs.

It takes one look,

one visual communication,

one virtual connection,

to form an invisible spark,

a flow of electricity right to the muscles,

that need that extra push.