What’s good about blackberry keyboards Is that you feel the emotions coming out With every punch you make
It’s like another category of music
or another form of tap dance.
With the sound of the key pressing against your thumb, your thoughts start pacing with the rhythm.

High on Endorphins (25thOct2013)

For a moment,
I felt like a child,
Pulling on her mum’s apron,
Crying for another scoop
Of Nutella..
For a moment
I wanted to smother
Myself with choco spread.
I wanted to reach out
For that top shelf
That held the Nutella jar..
I wanted to get high
On Endorphins.
I felt high.
My energy was boosting.
Yet, I don’t like Nutella,
But he does..
He was my Nutella scoops.
He released Endorphins
Within me.

She’s the light.

She’s like the Brightness settings in my iphone.
Bright is equivalent to her.
Now you may have judged that this is a good thing,
But it’s the complete opposite.
You know how you’re used to the dim light?
Once you shift the screen to a brighter light..
Your eyes twitch and eyebrows meet.
Your eyes is harmed by the sight.
That’s how i perceive her.
Something that irritates my every sense,
Not only my sight.