Don’t forget the light that can fight off the dark.

And when you see me leave the curtains open, 

Then know that I want to be reminded of the sun’s warmth in the morning.


The weather; You

You’re like this weather;

a chilly breeze

breathing on me

freezing my senses

my sensibility

affecting my judgements

making me irrational.

Then like the sun

as it shines on me;

a soft embrace,

warming my body

my heart,

calming me,

securing me.

And as the clouds

fill the sky,

taking the wind and sun away;

You disappear.

Homemade drug.

She hid her feelings in capsules,

suppressed them in unlimited amount of mini-contained shells,

locked in a jar,

leaving her empty and hollow.

Deserted, she felt sometimes, from her own emotions.

And only when the moon is full, a day when its thirst for the sun’s energy is quenched,

would her heart, too, become thirsty for her past,

nostalgic for the feelings it once embraced.

As if hypnotised, she would blindly retrieve a capsule from the jar on the top shelf,

swallowing it with a cup of salty water, that had poured down her face.

And all the emotions that were hidden in that shell would sift throughout her body like an electric shock of some kind.

The high sensation of all the pleasure, the sweet selfishness, the indescribable yearning, and every little bit of sadness in between.

Everything. She would feel everything.

Until the sun rises and the moon fades away.

She finds her emotion-less self once again.

Where life was lived in half (2).

She has reached the frosty peak

Of the third mountain 

From her right,

Disappointment was about

To stain her heart,

But she saw him


In the Kingdom of the West.

He wore that smile of his

With sleepy eyes

And lines around the sides.

And somehow the world 

Felt right. 

He might have lived too far away

Busy and crowded with beings

Excluding herself, but

She could not help but realise

The blessing of his existence. 

She exhaled slowly

Thinking that

The winds of her relief 

Had danced around that young man

In that blissful day. 

The only day that she watched 

A full journey of the star

That she and he shared.

At least we have one bright thing in common, she thought.

Where life is lived in half. 

A chain of mountains,

Peaks of snow;

Dividing two lands,

Two kingdoms,

Each living in isolation.

One kingdom facing the East,

The other facing the West.

Its people did not dare to

Cross the borders to

Reach to the other side 

Of the rocky eminence;

It was forbidden.

The law that was never broken.

She would witness the sunrise,

The soft pastel colors of the sky,

The singing of the morning birds,

The tight chill of dawn. 

The adrenaline fully charged

For the ebullience of the day.

But since the mountains

Were magnificently high, 

After noon the sun would no longer

Be seen by her hazel-colored eyes. 

She had always thought that 

Sunset was defined just before noon. 

But He,

He knew of sunset.

He knew of its fiery skies 

And its violet flames.

He knew of its fireflies and

Its chirping crickets of the night.

He knew of the calmness of 

The dark as it laid its bed 

Over the daylight. 

But true sunrise, 

That he did not know,

Only the one that comes 

Right after noon. 

Sad, don’t you think?

If only the mountains 

Would digest itself 

Or move elsewhere, 

Perhaps around the two kingdoms

Rather than between them.

If only. 

But Life will not be content 

Unless it forms obstacles 

For one to tumble down and struggle

And see how much 

Something is significant to one’s heart.

Well, She’s halfway to that

Cold frosty summit,

Hoping someone there 

Would be waiting for her

To share the true testimony 

Of the Star of the day.