Dodged a storm surge, and only faced a cold wave.

Ah, the curse of a breakup’s anniversary.

The time a human will reminisce

And revisit memories that were locked up in pandora’s box, commonly known as the subconscious.

Just when snapchat’s memories feature was about to lose its sting.

A moment that can be described as a hit from the ocean’s wave,

Filled with emotions that belonged to the past.

And the state of being currently wet from the salty water,

That refreshing feeling reminds you how the good times were… fulfilling, overwriting all the bad shit that went down,

But that saltiness fuels that regret of causing so much damage to him as you tried to heal yourself within your mind’s chaos.

Then the sun kindly dries you up, and its warmth hugs you all over,

Sending rays of reassurance and hope, that it’s okay to be alright, and that he’s better now.

13,14,15th – Hijri

You know what I love?

I love when my wall is well differentiated,

For only three nights every month. 

You can clearly see the sharp edges.

A full, mature, and complete pearl;

The only time where I’m not consumed, 

By the power of the world’s darkness, 

Or is it the power of my doubts and insecurities?

A wall that protects me from my uncertainties?

A wall that tests your capability to enter solely, 

Without leaking that darkness within, 

And ensure my safety. 

A wall that shuts out anything and anyone, 

Buy you. 

A wall and body that illuminates clearly, 

Inviting you in. 

That strong glare you see

Represents my stretched arms.

And those flawed dents

Are my empty embrace, 

Waiting for you to take the hint to 

Come here. 

Come here. 

So come here, baby, 

And let me watch over you up close. 

Homemade drug.

She hid her feelings in capsules,

suppressed them in unlimited amount of mini-contained shells,

locked in a jar,

leaving her empty and hollow.

Deserted, she felt sometimes, from her own emotions.

And only when the moon is full, a day when its thirst for the sun’s energy is quenched,

would her heart, too, become thirsty for her past,

nostalgic for the feelings it once embraced.

As if hypnotised, she would blindly retrieve a capsule from the jar on the top shelf,

swallowing it with a cup of salty water, that had poured down her face.

And all the emotions that were hidden in that shell would sift throughout her body like an electric shock of some kind.

The high sensation of all the pleasure, the sweet selfishness, the indescribable yearning, and every little bit of sadness in between.

Everything. She would feel everything.

Until the sun rises and the moon fades away.

She finds her emotion-less self once again.

As clouds protect the moon..

The sky is layered
With ashes of clouds
Scattered like pixie dust
Covering up the moon
Covering up the only light
coming from the other worlds
Maybe it’s for the best
Maybe the truth needs to be hidden
Hidden from us..
And from whatever world out there..
Maybe an interference
Between two realms or more
Could open the gates of confusion,
Between what is real..
And what could have been a dream..

In the eyes of The Moon..

A flat marble,
Imperfect white shades
Mirroring the sky
Or was it reflecting the ocean?
So close it seemed
But didn’t dare reach out;
Afraid to ruin the scenery
For the rest of the world out there
Wish I admired it a bit longer
I might have noticed
The dark edges
And empty freckles
The reflection of which ocean
Or on which sky it laid on.
But I have admired It enough
To hold hope for another day
Where I’ll meet the oceans
In the eyes of The Moon