The offside rule for girls

50 Shades of me

For all the girls watching the world cup
I’ll explain the offside rule
I’ll say it in words you’ll understand
So as you don’t look a fool

Imagine you are in a shop
And you’re standing in the queue
You’re second in line and waiting
To pay for a pair of brand new shoes

Now the lady who is first in line
Spots the shoes and wants them too
But you have both forgotten your purses
So neither of you can buy the shoes

Your friend is at the back of the shop
And prepares to throw her purse to you
If she does then you can catch it
Walk round the shopper and buy the shoes

Or maybe she’ll throw the purse ahead
Of the shopper and while in flight
You could nip in front, catch the purse
Buy the shoes and win the fight

But please try to…

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