Always give them the benefit of the doubt…

I look into our past conversations,

And I feel like suffocating.

I wish I knew before, that the worst enemy

You can ever encounter

Is yourself. Your mind. Your eyes.

You play tricks on yourself.

And others get blamed for your blindness or your own manipulation to yourself.

And everyone suffers.

You tell yourself a story to justify your rage,

Your hurt, your feelings of betrayal,

When barely anything of that story is true.

The facts has been twisted for your own liking.

I look into our past conversations,

And I find my side of the story of how things went between us invalid and unclear.

Don’t shit on my feelings.

Please do not deny

the words that I use

to express what I feel.


some people find

it easy to describe

their emotions using

simple words like happy, angry,

and so on.


describe my feelings with

scenes that I’ve painted in

my mind.

If you can’t understand those

sceneries, then you can’t

possibly understand

how I feel.

Maybe you lack imagination,

the same way you say I lack

the understanding of emotions.

A man who found his escape.

He cherished his books.

He deified the words that displayed delicately

in the fragile papers.

Scenes traced between the sentences,

opening a door to his imagination.

He denied the existence of the page numbers,

for he feared reaching the last page.

‘Every story has an ending’ – a quote he detested.

Why can’t they just leave me in the middle, as I dance between the passion of the author’s interpretations of life before they found a conclusion?

So one day, they did;

You’ll find him laying on a creamy couch; asleep.

And today is his wish’s 25th anniversary.


Leo and his Tsubusa

I have always had an eye for Lions. Always seen myself resemble a Lion, with all it’s mighty and glory. And for my love for dragons, I saw it was fit for my fantasy of my Lion-self to tame a dragon. When I roamed the Earth to protect it from evil, my Dragon could be my wings or my “tsubusa” to protect the sky from any harm. The following piece describes one of my imaginary scenes.

Whenever it’s time for sunset, the Leo of this world would be flown into the sky by his magnificent Tsubusa.
As the Dragon spreads his flames to color the blue skies orange and red, the mighty Lion roars to warn its fellow ones that it is time for darkness to fold..