So tell me you love me softly and repeatedly. 

He does not comprehend

How hearing the sound that his vocal cords emit

As his lips give way for one phrase to escape over and over again

Has stopped me many times from picking up a needless fight. 


Within a wet hole in my body.

The thought of his tongue

Within the only hole 

That matters in my body, 

And no, 

Not my vagina, 

I mean my mouth. 

The only part that can smile

To leave a positive impression, 

Or even worse, a sarcastic remark.

The part that can speak and use

The weapon of words to serve 

A good or a bad cause or

Nothing at all.

The part that can let out a sigh

That is worth a million words.

The part that, if shut, can leave 

The strongest of meanings.

The part that, with the help of another

Like His mouth and tongue, 

Can show the most passionate of affection.

I can learn to sleep alone when you cannot be on the phone. 

As I rest my head onto the pillow, 

Waiting for my friend to wrap me up and portal me to the world of my subconscious,

I acknowledge the silence that strangle the walls surrounding me. 

But as I listen carefully, 

I become aware of a rhythmic sound of air;

I didn’t realise my breathing can be so loud when accompanied by silence,

Reminding me of his exhales at night.

And a thought crosses my mind;

If I am the reflection he sees in the mirror, 

Then our breathing can be the same.

If I am his, and he is mine, 

Then the air I breathe is his own. 

Which means,

I don’t need to hear him breathing in order for me to relax and sleep,

All I need


To listen to myself 



As if he was on the phone.

When you remember a car scene. Remember Me. 

If I repetitively talk about that 

Time you clutched my thigh 

On our first car date and how 

It fucking scared me and you 

Can clearly see it in my wide-eyes 


Then let me recall it as many 

Times as I want, because that

Time was when I realised a part of 

Me fucking loved it. 

A part of me wanted you to try

It again, but the me who was 

Surprised was too powerful. 

So, yes, let me replay that scene, 

Because whenever I do, it’s an 

Appreciation to the awakening 

Of that version, 

The version who wanted more of 

You, more of your touch, more

Of everything you can give, and 

Give back everything in return. 

Leave.. And take me away

I’ve created a castle of my own
Walls so high
So smooth, that no one can climb
Walls that regenerate
Whenever it breaks down
I’ve darkened my territory
I’ve shunned the sun from my land
I’ve vanished people to another world
I’ve kept my soul from feeling
From understanding.
Why is there light now?
Is that the sun?
The stars glowing too bright tonight?
No. The walls.
Why have they roughened?
Beings will be able to climb now.
Don’t climb. Please dont.
He flew? You can’t fly.
You can’t enter.
Why are the doors open?
Close this instance.
Don’t come near. That’s an order.
Listen to me.
Don’t listen to me.
Don’t leave.
Stay here.
Open the windows.
Let the breeze feel our presence.
Let the world know that we exist.
I can’t handle his.
Don’t handle me.
You’re scaring me.
Bring back my darkness.
Don’t shine in here.
Stop holding me.
Stop warming me.
I can get used to this.
So leave. Leave while I can forget.
Leave… And take me away.