In the eyes of The Moon..

A flat marble,
Imperfect white shades
Mirroring the sky
Or was it reflecting the ocean?
So close it seemed
But didn’t dare reach out;
Afraid to ruin the scenery
For the rest of the world out there
Wish I admired it a bit longer
I might have noticed
The dark edges
And empty freckles
The reflection of which ocean
Or on which sky it laid on.
But I have admired It enough
To hold hope for another day
Where I’ll meet the oceans
In the eyes of The Moon

Explore me

When i see you
I’d not waste time on words
I’d take your hands and let you
Hold me tight from my behind
I’d guide you to all the places
You have restrained yourself
From exploring.
I’d make you taste mint
Out of my mouth
And give you a taste of Wanting
I’d let you hear the sounds
Of desire, will, and bitter-sweet pain
I’d lose my breath and gulp
In vulnerability and pleasure
I’d lick my lips a thousand times
To distract you
And watch your eyes glow
As I slide my hands under your clothes,
Working my magic
For the very first time..

There, that twitch of a smile

That twitch of a smile.
When you remember those times
Of pure stupidity and foolishness of the past.
The kind of past that when mixed with the present
It urges you to hope
Rather than haunt you to misery
A history that you still have diaries about
That you couldn’t even burn their existence
Reminding you of some of the idiotic and childish mistakes,
That you’ll be protecting your kids from
The kind of mistakes that you spent hours laughing about yourself
After just reading the first page.
There it is again..
That twitch of a smile.
That reminded you of the sound of his laugh,
How it paired up perfectly with the opening of his mouth,
Showing his imperfect teeth,
That you just loved regardless.
That reminded you of his droopy eyes and full cheeks,
As they meet each other with that grin of his.
That reminded you of his smart ass attitude
That bad boy persona and dirty talk.
Yeah, always had a thing for trouble..
And there it goes again.
That twitch of a smile.