Life is a cycle. Love is life.

We are a world shaped as a sphere,
Almost a circle.
Life is a cycle, they also say.
They said it right.
A guy likes her
And another loves the same
And another one proposed
But to all she said No.
She didn’t feel anything
But brotherhood and friendship
But whenever it was her time
To love and to care
She tasted her own medicine
Or is it her own poison?
She was a sister,
Just a friend
To all her crushes..
To those she finally cared about
But only then would it hurt
Only then would she understand
The feeling of rejection
Of hope being demolished
Or maybe hope extended
That if she did better
She’ll be worth it
Worth his time.
And whatever happens
Life is a cycle, a circle
And there is no life without love.
And with a circle
There is no meeting point
People run after those
Those who run after different people.
And the cycle continues
Sad, right?
Tragic, love is.
Tragic and dramatic.