We’ll take it slow for now

I open the door to exit the room,

Then I close it and reach out

To the next doorknob.

I stop midway, I put

My arms down my side.

I walk in the noisy hallway

Past so many different doors.

It feels like I’m running.

I find an espresso machine,

I make myself a cup,

I find a sofa and a book,

I sit and I sip.

I read and ignore the

Desires, roaring from behind

The doors I’ve passed.

My desires. My temptations.


I miss the feeling of being in love.

What I once found fulfilling

And had me melt like

Our cheesy comments,

Now feels so foreign and strange.

Do emotions just blind us completely?

Not in a way where everything seems dark

And you cannot see.

But in a way where there’s too much light

And you look the other way

Or end up closing your eyes.

As if these intense emotions are there

To amplify and hype up anything

That could be good into beautiful .

And once that light dims,

Your eyes adjust and start to see clearer.

And what once took your breath away,

Now, is extraordinarily ordinary.