The River

The Dubious Poet Collection


A river runs through me at all times.

A river from head down to toes.

A river which is assuaged by rhymes.

A river subject to my prose.

This river is stress manifested.

This river is found in us all.

This river is often detested.

This river is destined to stall.

My river is allowed to flow free.

My river is never blocked with a dam.

My river is the fuel that pushes me.

My river makes me who I am.

The stress of facing a failure.

The stress of fortunes fading too fast.

The stress of lethargic behaviour.

The stress of living in the past.

All do serve as an incentive.

All do push you on to succeed.

All do emphasize the inventive.

All do help in your hour of need.

Don’t dam the course of that river.

Don’t allow the pressure to build.

Don’t sit and watch dreams…

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Defining Normality.

The Dubious Poet Collection


Rigid lines drawn all around.

Constraining and fixed they define.

Rigid lines between which we’re found.

Inevitably forming what is mine.

But is it mine? To what extent?

Can I separate me from my moulding?

Do I walk the line, with my intent?

Or am I simply a vessel holding.

The sum of cultural normalities.

Which subjugate personalities.

A production line of banalities.

Singularising the pluralities.

If this were true, we’d all be one.

Homogenous identical population.

If this were true, with diversity gone.

We’d all face cultural starvation.

These values, views, norms and rules.

Which govern our contemporary life.

Are rationalised by unknowing fools.

Unaware these conceptions cause strife.

And yet it seems nature will win through.

Resurgent with counter-oppression.

For underneath, where you, are you.

Lies dormant the need for expression.

Normality is wholly subjective.

Dependent on the scene.

For some the norms will be connective.

Cogs which…

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He is like a bottle that is easy to open,
Easy to talk to, approachable, even under the scorching sun.
My inner self flowed easily with no awkwardness,
Flowed like water or beads of a broken necklace.
I spoke my mind with no filter, no second thoughts,
And waited patiently for what the new conversation brought,
As it revealed another trait for me to admire,
Or a common interest, or a common desire.
But do not misunderstand and leap to conclusions,
I am not being one of those girls who hope with false delusions,
Thinking about a relationship and a happy ending.
I’d rather live in the moment and openly share all that is trending.
At this point I am trying too hard to rhyme,
And match every word of this poem with it’s given time.

Returning back to the topic and the focus of this writing,
To the heart of my soul that has been igniting,
Since the time he defended me and claimed my perfection,
And found his personality walking along mine in a parallel direction.
As short as this moment may last,
I’ll cherish every millisecond until it slowly pasts ~

Leo and his Tsubusa

I have always had an eye for Lions. Always seen myself resemble a Lion, with all it’s mighty and glory. And for my love for dragons, I saw it was fit for my fantasy of my Lion-self to tame a dragon. When I roamed the Earth to protect it from evil, my Dragon could be my wings or my “tsubusa” to protect the sky from any harm. The following piece describes one of my imaginary scenes.

Whenever it’s time for sunset, the Leo of this world would be flown into the sky by his magnificent Tsubusa.
As the Dragon spreads his flames to color the blue skies orange and red, the mighty Lion roars to warn its fellow ones that it is time for darkness to fold..

I May..

I may have not reached today’s standards of perfection,
But I do feel beautiful from the inside and out.
I may not look attractively appealing to all,
But I am satisfied with every inch of flesh and bone.
I may not have come from a line of royalty to reach my ambitions,
But I am working at my own pace with my own merits.
I may have not inherited all the good traits of my parents,
But I have learnt from their bad traits to control my own.
I may have not lived up to people’s expectations,
But neither have they so I still survive their daunting eyes.
There are a lot of things that I may have not,
But so many more that I may have.
So if you may, just please, leave the judging to me,
Because fact be told, it’s my own fate, my own choices, and it will always be own life.

Breathe in the life you have owned.

His admiration has scattered like gas particles within the air,
As she took slow and considerate breaths,
They filled her every air space they could take over,
Expanding them, as if small bulbs were being lit,
Glowing her lungs, purifying her breaths.
Every inspiration was made with satisfaction
And every expiration ended with pure relief.
Breathe, my darling, breathe in the life you have owned,
Since the day I have loved you
Since the day you have held my hand
And found your passion spreading through my nerves,
Changing my perspective of the world,
As it centred around you, me, and our destiny

Just when..

Just when I told myself
That I won’t fall again,
I did.
Just when my smile has become
Involuntary and empty,
I giggle.
Just when I’ve accepted
The darkness to cover me,
I rebel.
Just when I got sucked
Within a void that I’ve built,
I escape.
Just when I have lowered
All my expectations,
I hope.
Just when love and admiration
Had no value
No meaning,
I fall.