Take another step.

What are your goals?

Do you have any?

Have you gotten closer or farther away from them?

Do you even know how far away you are?

Where are you standing now?

On concrete that we call reality?

or on some puffy clouds that I can only assume as your spaced out dreams?

Why are you so afraid?

Just take that one little step.

If you fall,

then at least you’ll wake up to reality.

If you still stand then take another step,

now another, and another…

Don’t just stand where you are.

Don’t just contemplate life

and what you should do next.

You already know the answer.

You already know you need to move on.

So keep on moving.

or stand there.

It’s your choice.

ترى الهوى – فهد الكبيسي

Can you do me a favor?

Can you close your eyes

And listen to a song…

A song that spoke of a hidden truth,

That found its base within me.

A song that I found comfort within,

When the love of a man suffocated me.

A song that excused me 

For not being able to fall for him so passionately.

Now this song is a gift 

From me to you.

Listen to it carefully…

Are you listening?

Do the words speak to you too?

Do they tell you not to stress about proving yourself to me?

Or to the man you were before?

If it does, then that is your answer. 

If it does, then you no longer need to be afraid. 

You no longer need to be scared. 

I know you’ve loved me 

The best way you could. 

I know you love me

The best way that you can.