Strong alone, Powerful together.

I want my wedding gown to be made of the sky and a million of stars.

I want my smile to be the brightest sunlight to my outfit.

I want my light to be reflected on his eyes and form two moons instead of one.

I want to embrace him and tell him, “that even in our darkest of days i will be there to make sure we make it through together”.

I may slip from my own sweat, but i’ll take accountability.

Something inside of me broke

As I pushed myself beyond my limits

For a cause

that wasn’t my own

And that, my friend, is the worst way

To do yourself an injustice.

So find your own purpose,

And walk down that path,

The rest will follow.

Daydreaming as he sleeps so loudly

He doesn’t know that I call him an hour early before I actually want to dose off. An hour gives me time to be accompanied by his deep even exhales as he continues his sleep that I have interrupted again

I would usually ask myself why he even puts up with my selfish requests; calling every night just because I can’t act like an independent adult anymore after realising that his presence, even when I’m asleep, makes a goddamn difference. But then I remember the answer, which lies within his love that he has constantly showed me and proved to me in the past months. 

And now I listen to his grumbly sudden snores, and all I can think of is why am I not in his living room right now so I can jump on him and colonise his handsome face with mini kisses until he wakes up and pulls me to him to give me a tight hug because he wants me to stop bugging his face and also to give him some time to wake up mentally so he can roll me over to the bottom as he situates himself on top of me… and why the hell did this piece go off to a different tangent? 

Dream 14.05.16

A ghost from the past reappeared

in my dream, last night.

He stayed with me until I was secure,

that his presence is absolute.

Then he faded away,

the same way he drifted off in reality,

and all the insecurities I locked away

screamed at my face.

My brother and Jehan were there,

one in each side,

neutralising my state.

Then a scene of a lecture hall took place,

and I was sitting right at the back with them,

and a faceless man sits right beside me,

a familiar gut feeling,

an unfamiliar touch as his legs brushes against mine;

his words were soothing,

his laugh was begging for mine to form.

He knew of the earlier incident.

He came to rescue my wrecked self.

I’ve met this guy in real life,

but where?

Who is the person my subconscious sought refugee in?

Why did I not look at his face

and ignored his presence?

Why did the fear of losing another loved one crawl onto my heart,

leaving me but sheer curiosity,

when I woke up to a pale ceiling.