Just another apology.

Have you seen the light that i saw?
Have you felt the breeze as you opened this door?
Because if you did, you’d understand why
I had to leave before the day that i die.
I’ve carried these sins too far in this road.
So i drowned them in the ocean and got on the safe boat.
I have to admit, the journey is quite difficult.
But the only thing that drives me is all of this guilt.
True, I do not know if my sins have been washed away.
Or have they sunk down as part of the ocean’s clay.
But I do have faith that God is forgiving,
And all i have to do is continue living,
Repenting all the mistakes that I have done
To earn a high place in our sacred Heaven.


Her love was killing me,

and my love for her was draining away my energy. 

I was suffocating,

and my heart was shrinking, losing power, losing Love. 

I had no love for anyone but her. 

It was making me sick, burying me alive. 

Until one day, my soul gave me an ultimatum.

My heart stopped racing, my soul started leaving 

But as I left.. as I left her, It was like

I dragged the defibrillator and 

My Soul shot in me, spreading throughout my body

Purifying every inch of me, starting with my Heart

Bringing me to Life, Loving everyone but one. 

Focus diverted

He and she who did not satisfy you
Are the shadows of your actions.
What couldn’t please you
Is a sign of what you do not possess.
Observing people because
It’s the easiest thing you can do
Rather than focusing on yourself.
That’s what most people do,
And by most, I refer to myself.

Dark anatomy.

Ropes wrapped around me, dragging me down

Hair pulled backwards, cracking my neck

Arms going to different directions, pulled apart

Eyes leaking blood and disappointments

Lungs shrunk in – no more breaths

– No more life. 

And he glanced at her, moving head sideways

Either he was admiring or trying to understand

Admiring the gush of blood and ripped out body

Understanding her pain, her sorrow, her darkness

He stood still, and she never recovered.

Her humanity, declining.

Her humanity was declining
Her emotions, evaporating
She grasped her heart
And ripped her humanity out
But to live with this body
She needed to place her brain
In her chest,
Driving the circulation.
So now she lives her life
Satisfied by logic and science
That are circulating
To every organ in her body
Thinking and feeling
With the same organ
Exasperating her brain
Until her body was put to rest
In a valentines day.

That stupid ‘Aaaah’ moment

When you’re with someone
And they babble something,
That didn’t make sense
But you just nod and laugh
Saying ‘Yeaah! I know right?’
Then a couple of days later
You’re like ‘wait, what?’
Either your brain
Processes the information
And freezes, followed by an
‘Aaaaaaah!!!’ Moment
Or you still don’t get it,
So it Interferes with your
Ritual thoughts before bedtime.

‘Slow motion phase’

Remember that feeling
When you get in that ‘slow motion phase’
You’re walking at your normal pace
But you feel heavy.. Slow
You try to talk fast
But its like your lips have magnets,
Taking too much energy to speak
Your brain also feels like
It is having difficulty processing
I never understood this phenomena
I always thought
An angel was trying to communicate,
A unicorn is interfering with my world,
Time is pausing,
Or that it’s time for my soul to leave.