Strong alone, Powerful together.

I want my wedding gown to be made of the sky and a million of stars.

I want my smile to be the brightest sunlight to my outfit.

I want my light to be reflected on his eyes and form two moons instead of one.

I want to embrace him and tell him, “that even in our darkest of days i will be there to make sure we make it through together”.

Earth 17

I see a future within you.

And I see my future with you.

An amethyst ring wrapped around my fourth digit.

A platinum ring around yours.

The sunrays’ reflecting back to the sky,

Creating the perfect beam of a rainbow,

As if to confirm Jehan’s blessing.

Roaming around in your car,

And we’re finally not afraid to be caught.

Holding your arm, not because I’m afraid you’d go,

But because I publicly can.

Waking up to your droopy eyes and your hoarse voice.

Coming back home to a place that smells like you and me and cigarettes.

Traveling to Iceland, Japan, and Australia before the responsibility of being parents come to our plate.

Seeing your reaction when I place your hand on my tummy, and wait for you to figure it out.

Witnessing how you learn to be my beloved husband and a loving father.

Supporting you unconditionally in your work and hobbies.

Becoming that couple whose crib is where The gatherings take place,

That couple who still fool around even though they’re grandparents.

Holding your wrinkly hand while we sleep,

Placing my hand on your chest as you sleep, sometimes, to make sure you’re still with me.

Loving you, caring for you, raising our children, showing you that even with my difficult self, Life is beautiful with a little challenge and a pinch of stubbornness.