Things changed

Her honesty was once
Full of pure and polite letters
Piling up to cross a radiation
Of happiness, creating
A smile on everyone’s face.
She did not need to pretend
Or fake being nice.
She was already nice.
Now, she remains honest
But only a third of the letters
That make up the words she says
Only a third.. Is good.
The rest of the time, she smiles
Or is silent till the end.

That butterfly feeling?

I can only define the butterfly sensation as the overthinking of my heart because I did feel it when i was not thinking about a guy I liked. I felt it when I was writing a poem about honesty and about me feeling nothing. So when your heart is stressed and confused, that is when your stomach reacts.

Her humanity, declining.

Her humanity was declining
Her emotions, evaporating
She grasped her heart
And ripped her humanity out
But to live with this body
She needed to place her brain
In her chest,
Driving the circulation.
So now she lives her life
Satisfied by logic and science
That are circulating
To every organ in her body
Thinking and feeling
With the same organ
Exasperating her brain
Until her body was put to rest
In a valentines day.

Escape.. To Nothingness.

As i sit here in the Brotherton’s library,
I escape reality
To enter a world of .. Nothingness.
-not fantasy. No, that’s similar to reality.
Nothingness is simpler.
It’s about.. Just pausing there.
It’s the time between taking your breath and releasing it again.
It’s the interval between one eye blink to the other.

Imagine how many times I’ve escaped reality.. Do the math.

Breathing your battles away.

In the beginning,
You write for yourself.
Trying to express the battles,
That you’re constantly fighting within you
Wearying every breath you take
While you elaborate every detail.
As you exhale
Its as if one enemy down.
And as you inhale again
You take a stab..
In a distinctive agonising memory.