The devil and I

So the devil whispers to me

in my darkest hours,

luring me to sell my soul

in exchange for

a permanent peace of mind.

And I’m almost tempted to give in.

But I’ve been there once before,

and I know it’s not a simple transaction.

It’s a prolonged contract of pure misery,

I’m already swamped in this state of agony,

But it could be the perfect distraction;

a slave for the red-headed devil

rather than being … well, I don’t know what I am

in the eyes of the black-winged demon I have loved.

I sign the contract and seal it

with the love I have made with this ugly beast.

The only exception. 

If I told you 

To dig a nail

On any part of your body

For every sin you commit,

Would you still say it’s worth it?

No, I would not. 

Nothing is worth that pain.

Except for one sin, my friend.

The sin of love

And everything that comes with it.

Love is the only exception,

No matter how painful. 

No matter how many times you fall in love.

The Fallen Angel of the Darkest Sins.

His wings held the darkest curses

Of the seven underworlds.

Six feet tall, 

Ten feet wide,

And seven thick layers

Of deep ebony pennons.

A feather falling from him

Into your bare hands

Would stain your soul 

Or manipulate your destiny,

That no matter how pure 

You try to be, this bad luck 

Will always interfere until

You accept the black mark 

His feather has made on you.

You might have already judged

That he is the devil himself,

But that, he is definitely not.

He is an angel, a fallen one too.

He bore the sins of the world 

Burdened himself 

With the shadows and

Deepest untold secrets

That shifted the light into coal.

His appearance is that of a Raven

In human form.

Dusky onyx coloring

His eyes, hair and clothes.

Maintaining these curses solely

For far too long

Is the job he volunteered to do.

For he loved a sinner,

A Demon, they had called her.

She bore the sins of lust and greed,

That led her to her deathbed.

To repent his sin for not falling

On Earth

Earlier than he did 

To save her soul,

He decided to fall 

After he lost his beloved

And hold the sins of all.

But he did not know the extent 

Of the darkness that lies 

In this universe.

He did not know it could be


He did not understand that 

Once a cup is full, 

It will overflow;

His feathers started to fall off

So he could endure 

The rest of the darkness.

So, fellow humans,

If you happen to encounter

A black feather

And the curse starts to run 

Through your vessels,

Please remember the burdens 

An angel had to handle until now

And carry it for him. 

Fight the dark temptations

But please carry it for him.

Protect your inner child.

To the child within me,
The child I used to be,
I am not leaving you behind,
By growing up and maturing,
I am merely trying to protect
Your reputation and innocence,
By pinning all my actions to me,
By taking responsibility,
And allowing you to rest peacefully,
As your duties
Have now come to an end.

Just another apology.

Have you seen the light that i saw?
Have you felt the breeze as you opened this door?
Because if you did, you’d understand why
I had to leave before the day that i die.
I’ve carried these sins too far in this road.
So i drowned them in the ocean and got on the safe boat.
I have to admit, the journey is quite difficult.
But the only thing that drives me is all of this guilt.
True, I do not know if my sins have been washed away.
Or have they sunk down as part of the ocean’s clay.
But I do have faith that God is forgiving,
And all i have to do is continue living,
Repenting all the mistakes that I have done
To earn a high place in our sacred Heaven.