Shadows of your sins do not appear in the dark.

For a while, I lived in the dark.

He came, and I only knew how to threw punches to the air.

He came and wrapped me with his love,

His smile was enough to light up my way.

He extended his own light to open up a path for me.

Just as it started to become so bright,

I look behind me to convey my gratitude,

To see him sit there, drained, bruised, with half a smile.

His smile was enough to light up my way, but I realise

Why he couldn’t use that anymore; why he had to use another source of light.

In the dark, I couldn’t see where I was punching.

In the dark, I thought it was only air.

And he was the air that I was breathing- Oh.

You spoilt me. That’s your sin.

As I was shoving info in my tired brain,

I thought I should really take a break soon.

I wanted someone to take me to a short ride,

Wake me up with caffeine,

Let me scream two or three songs,

And drive me back home to my reality.

I wanted a certain someone to take me out,

But that someone is far away.

Farewell, Danny.

To the biggest sin of my life,

I have betrayed the promise you begged me to make.

But finally, I don’t feel like fighting my feelings anymore.

And I’m tired of giving him up to someone else.

So, before I place your book on the upper shelf,

I’ll say one more last goodbye,

And thank you for the pain and love I’ve received

Don’t tell me what’s on your mind.

Take me for a night drive.

We’ll take turns with the playlist.

We’ll listen in silence.

I’ll light us up a cigarette.

And we can drown in our own pollution

Of thoughts and smoke.

Dear me,

To the beautifully damaged,

Feel the pain.

Don’t cast it away.

Don’t deny what you’ve been through.

Welcome it all.

Accept it with an open soul.

Find peace with not enjoying that kind of happiness again.

Find peace with the sadness that comes after.

Find comfort within the mistakes you’ve said you’ll never repeat,

Find hope within the new ones.

Don’t hurt your mind with your overthinking,

Don’t hurt your soul with guilt and regret.

Don’t resort to physical pain by taking away your body’s innocence as a distraction from the heavy pain you feel in your chest.

Give yourself some time to grieve.

Be patient

Take care of yourself

And some day you’ll love yourself again.

The devil and I

So the devil whispers to me

in my darkest hours,

luring me to sell my soul

in exchange for

a permanent peace of mind.

And I’m almost tempted to give in.

But I’ve been there once before,

and I know it’s not a simple transaction.

It’s a prolonged contract of pure misery,

I’m already swamped in this state of agony,

But it could be the perfect distraction;

a slave for the red-headed devil

rather than being … well, I don’t know what I am

in the eyes of the black-winged demon I have loved.

I sign the contract and seal it

with the love I have made with this ugly beast.

The only exception. 

If I told you 

To dig a nail

On any part of your body

For every sin you commit,

Would you still say it’s worth it?

No, I would not. 

Nothing is worth that pain.

Except for one sin, my friend.

The sin of love

And everything that comes with it.

Love is the only exception,

No matter how painful. 

No matter how many times you fall in love.