A constant beep in my head,

stolen from a heart that has now ceased.

A mild type of tinnitus.

But instead of being unnoticed

when in a crowd

or in the presence of external noises,

The sound shuts off

the world and all its commotion.

A constant beep,

but if you listen closely,

You can meet Silence.

Silence and its twin, Peace.

But be ware,

Do not take shelter in that Silence…

Or you’ll come across

the internal sounds

that are like parasites

in that brain of yours.

Chronically ill. 

And it feels like a chronic illness

Every time I yearn for your presence

Every time I long for your embrace

Every time I miss your calming face.

But all that life can offer me 

Are pictures and free calls as remedies

But all these medicines are temporary

And when they wear off, I’m in agony.

So, I need a lifetime support, physically

Your hands caressing mine, softly

Your arms cradling my body, gently

And your eyes are only attentive to me, wholly.