You go up the ladder, only to go down the snake.

That moment when you attempt to move on,

And you find a little ounce of happiness in something that has nothing to do with him..

And a faint voice inside you whispers back his name,

And asks you, “what about him? Did he move on?”

Then you mentally reply to yourself,

Convincing yourself that,

“He’s okay, he moved on, accept what’s happening right now, don’t look back”

But you find yourself with the phone on your ears,


And you’re waiting for someone to pick up…

Who am I calling?

Then you hear his voice.

And although that moment of happiness,

That moment of satisfaction was just about

to write a new chapter,

You’re back to a couple of chapters behind… revisiting those feelings,



But also relieved…

As you hear his stupid voice, that you love so much.

That you still love.

But wish you can just

Detach from.

A hunter on standby

I hunt


I go out looking for discomfort,




I hunt emotions

from a specific someone,

a weak creature who has fed me from her pain,

who showed me how satisfying it could be

to hurt her,

to slice her up

and drink her blood alive,

licking the last drop that escapes my lips;

not wanting to waste anything.

I can’t imagine how she would react

if she saw me walking with a bunch of breathing creatures,

laughing and talking,

like Life could be this enjoyable without her – which is true.

But I know what I would do if I saw her,

whether she was laughing or not,

I would have smiled and stared her down,

until I forced her to expose her cards,

her pain,

her tortured soul.

I hunt

and hunters learn to wait.


Flames of lust and desire,.

Ashes of rage and wrath.

You held me within your grasp;

Your hands comforting me with such a warm embrace.

Your soft touch like a tickle at the back of my neck.

Seducing me with those lips,

As I run out of patience,

Drawing you closer,

Quenching your thirst,

As you fill my emptiness with your satisfaction.

And after you take┬áthe last sip – what is left of me –

I hear you give out the sweetest sound of pleasure,

And I am content at last.


He is like a bottle that is easy to open,
Easy to talk to, approachable, even under the scorching sun.
My inner self flowed easily with no awkwardness,
Flowed like water or beads of a broken necklace.
I spoke my mind with no filter, no second thoughts,
And waited patiently for what the new conversation brought,
As it revealed another trait for me to admire,
Or a common interest, or a common desire.
But do not misunderstand and leap to conclusions,
I am not being one of those girls who hope with false delusions,
Thinking about a relationship and a happy ending.
I’d rather live in the moment and openly share all that is trending.
At this point I am trying too hard to rhyme,
And match every word of this poem with it’s given time.

Returning back to the topic and the focus of this writing,
To the heart of my soul that has been igniting,
Since the time he defended me and claimed my perfection,
And found his personality walking along mine in a parallel direction.
As short as this moment may last,
I’ll cherish every millisecond until it slowly pasts ~

I May..

I may have not reached today’s standards of perfection,
But I do feel beautiful from the inside and out.
I may not look attractively appealing to all,
But I am satisfied with every inch of flesh and bone.
I may not have come from a line of royalty to reach my ambitions,
But I am working at my own pace with my own merits.
I may have not inherited all the good traits of my parents,
But I have learnt from their bad traits to control my own.
I may have not lived up to people’s expectations,
But neither have they so I still survive their daunting eyes.
There are a lot of things that I may have not,
But so many more that I may have.
So if you may, just please, leave the judging to me,
Because fact be told, it’s my own fate, my own choices, and it will always be own life.