Burn marks

I have never scarred myself

with razors and knives,

nor will I ever think of doing it.

But lately,

I’ve been thinking about leaving burn marks.

After smoking my lifeless ciggies,

I could just stub them out on my body,

on the places that you have still not touched,

that are thirsty for you.

So if we ever meet,

let the burn marks guide you

to the places that have been longing for you.

But, then, will you still call me beautiful?

– With a body completely burnt.

Hearts; Windows.

People’s hearts are like windows.

You just need to look carefully.

Have they closed the windows completely?

Or have they left a small hole that they can peak from, hoping you’d make an effort and peak through it too?

Have they opened the shades, but closed the lights, making it difficult for you to see; a mystery?

Or have they opened the lights and are waiting for your next move?

Have they reached the next level where they’d open the windows for you, welcoming you and the wind and whatever comes along with you?

Are you looking closely?


What is my window like?