Living a lie

How should I personify my life this time?
Which story will I be wrapping up with a lie?
And Will I remember the tales that I convey?
Or will i forget them just like any other day?

Dark anatomy.

Ropes wrapped around me, dragging me down

Hair pulled backwards, cracking my neck

Arms going to different directions, pulled apart

Eyes leaking blood and disappointments

Lungs shrunk in – no more breaths

– No more life. 

And he glanced at her, moving head sideways

Either he was admiring or trying to understand

Admiring the gush of blood and ripped out body

Understanding her pain, her sorrow, her darkness

He stood still, and she never recovered.

Her humanity, declining.

Her humanity was declining
Her emotions, evaporating
She grasped her heart
And ripped her humanity out
But to live with this body
She needed to place her brain
In her chest,
Driving the circulation.
So now she lives her life
Satisfied by logic and science
That are circulating
To every organ in her body
Thinking and feeling
With the same organ
Exasperating her brain
Until her body was put to rest
In a valentines day.

Breathing your battles away.

In the beginning,
You write for yourself.
Trying to express the battles,
That you’re constantly fighting within you
Wearying every breath you take
While you elaborate every detail.
As you exhale
Its as if one enemy down.
And as you inhale again
You take a stab..
In a distinctive agonising memory.