I can still feel your hair as I make a fist.

She moved like I once did,

He pleased her insides as you’ve done

so many times before…

She said his name and I repeated yours,

I repeated it until I came and burst

Into sweat, tears, and ..

It all poured out;

Seven months worth of frustration.

My eyes begged him to swallow what was left of me…

I showered with another man’s scent

I wiped my body with his bare skin

I kissed his hands to rewrite the texture that lingered on my lips

I laid beneath his defined build as he gently whispered “surrender”

He knows my secret now. 

Look at me. 

Look at me. 

That’s right. Look at me. 

Do you want me? 

Do you want me? 

If you dont answer, I’ll stop. 

Looks into him deeply. 

And I nod.

How bad do you want me?

Glances away. 

I said. Look. At. Me.


Do you want me?

Nods again. 

How bad do you want me? 

I beg with my eyes; stop asking me. 

How bad do you want me?

If you tell me, I’ll stop. 

Then I won’t. If I don’t, he won’t stop. 

How bad do you want me?

Looks into him. 

And lust is defined by the expression I hold.

How bad do you want me?

I stare into his eyes.

You don’t want to answer, do you?

I shake my head. 

You don’t want me to stop, do you? 

I nod. 

And insane, I become. 


Flames of lust and desire,.

Ashes of rage and wrath.

You held me within your grasp;

Your hands comforting me with such a warm embrace.

Your soft touch like a tickle at the back of my neck.

Seducing me with those lips,

As I run out of patience,

Drawing you closer,

Quenching your thirst,

As you fill my emptiness with your satisfaction.

And after you take the last sip – what is left of me –

I hear you give out the sweetest sound of pleasure,

And I am content at last.