Welcome to Midnight.

There’s something about Midnight

that I’ve recently understood;

A gravitational pull that invites you

to its darkness.

The night pushes you in

to a room full of

lonely thoughts,

clenched jaws,

and heavily burdened breaths.

The more you feel like you’re at home,

the harder it is

to accept the sun.

Take shelter in the darkness.

The sadness swept in

like the wind in a lonely night,

peaking through the holes

of the broken windows

and moulded walls,

bringing in the cold and dirt.

Despair shined in

like a curious torch,

looking for treasure and goods,

but only to find ruins and unwanted fragments

of an abandoned heart.

Wrap yourself in the shadows. 

Take shelter in the darkness.

Shut your eyes and cover your ears. 

Let the dusky air shun away the world

that left you behind.