Farewell, Danny.

To the biggest sin of my life,

I have betrayed the promise you begged me to make.

But finally, I don’t feel like fighting my feelings anymore.

And I’m tired of giving him up to someone else.

So, before I place your book on the upper shelf,

I’ll say one more last goodbye,

And thank you for the pain and love I’ve received

Tell me I was great, without any “buts”. 

She understands the feelings of her students, because she does not expect greatness from them. She can never understand the feelings of her own daughters, because she will always want perfection.

Son (3)

Dear son,

Patience can be tough.

It can be so fucking hard. 

Excuse your mother’s choice of words.

But you’ll see. 

You’ll curse patience.

And anything that stands 

Between you and what you desire.

But patience,

My son,

Will help you become wiser.

But you don’t care about being wise,

Do you?

Not at the beginning.

Patience, my son. 

Will help you appreciate whatever it is 

That you wanted or needed in the first place.

You won’t understand the value

Of this trait

Unless you go through shit yourself.

Try it one time

With something that is worth your waiting

And tell me.. 

Tell me then how fulfilling it feels. 

Son (2)


Your mother needs you right now.

She needs to stroke your hair,

Hold your face,

Wraps you within her embrace,

Hear you call her name,

See you smile and act all silly.

She just needs you, son.

She needs you so she can love again.

She needs to feel that kind of affection

She wants to understand love, son.

Unconditional kind of love.

She needs to feel warm again.

She needs to feel.

Please. Son. 

Find your mother.

She is waiting for your call.

Incomplete letter.

To the girl who lived before she knew what is life,

To the girl who died and still is breathing and heart still beating,

To the girl who was reborn into a ghost,

To the ghost who was haunted by life and its beings,

To the ghost who was present but did not exist,

To the ghost who taught itself how humans lived,

To the ghost who possessed a human needing of company,

To the human who finally lived, but followed the darkest paths,

To the human who found light and reached out to it,

To the human’s soul who left its host to put it on standby to repent,

To the soul who was thirsty for the human’s body again,

To the soul who started to lose sight of the light and the dark,

To the soul who ended up blind for wanting to see again,

To the human who wrapped the soul, but after it was too late,

To the human who thought it could be the soul’s shades,

To the human who wanted to believe in miracles for once,

To the human who caught the disease of the Blurred Vision,

To the human who is begging to see  clearly again,

To the human who wants to die before its time,

To the human who forgot the girl who died 

Within its soul, who was a ghost, who was that girl.