Still hurts

I had a little accident yesterday, well

Four actually,

Not that I needed to go to the toilet, 

More like my eyes needed to take a leak,

My lips vibrated while a horrible sound 

Came out from between them. 

On my chest, there are marks from

Where my nails dug in as I tried to 

Clutch onto my heart that felt like

It was crushing my soul to 

A sudden state of numbness. 

Sharp edges can make you bleed

Can water… Shatter?
Have you heard of water shattering?
I did.
Like glass,
I’ve heard it so clearly,
Maybe clearer in the left ear more than the right;
My right ear was always the worst,
I should check it out sometime.
But like thin glass,
Water made a crispy sound of destruction.
Just before my sight became blurry –
And I might have heard a storm breaking
Or was it a wolf howling?
Whatever it is,
According to some cultures,
It’s called breaking down; shrieking; crying.
I call it water-glass shattering,
Imagine an invisible vase perhaps, full of water,
And the shock of it falling to pieces to the selfish ground,
Soaking up the water,
At least, my definition is more understandable,
Since glass can hurt you;
Make you bleed;
React accordingly to something physically broken.
So, tell me this,
Did you hear any water shattering?
Did you bleed?
Were you hurt?
Then be careful, next time.
If you ever give next time a chance.