Shadows of your sins do not appear in the dark.

For a while, I lived in the dark.

He came, and I only knew how to threw punches to the air.

He came and wrapped me with his love,

His smile was enough to light up my way.

He extended his own light to open up a path for me.

Just as it started to become so bright,

I look behind me to convey my gratitude,

To seep him sit there, drained, bruised, with half a smile.

His smile was enough to light up my way, but I realise

Why he couldn’t use that anymore; why he had to use another source of light.

In the dark, I couldn’t see where I was punching.

In the dark, I thought it was only air.

And he was the air that I was breathing- Oh.

Walking past time.

The clouds – as if white smoke that froze in the air,

moving in a cycle, but that’s wrong,

Science says that the Earth rotates around its axis


So, we’re the ones walking past those clouds, my clouds.

What about time?

What if time is frozen, and we’re walking past time?

What if time is constant, but we’re the ones distancing ourselves?

That we were the problem?

Weren’t humans always the problem, anyway.

Humans and Resources

People are connected 

To one another

With transparent lines.

And pending dots

Are waiting to be highlighted

Into a mature line, a string.

As their interactions increase

Their strings can strengthen

Into rope, timber, then steel.

Some strings can get slashed,

As relationships wilt and shrivel. 

But to alter these lines,

Time is required.

A build up of time subunits.

But we are an exception.

We are outlaws in this life.

We converted a string

Into graphene 

Within days. 

Sheets of Graphene

Forming a runway 

From my destination to yours.

But we are outlaws.

So life extended your destination.

We have run out of materials.


Then we fall

Into a black hole 

Of no connections. 

Leave.. And take me away

I’ve created a castle of my own
Walls so high
So smooth, that no one can climb
Walls that regenerate
Whenever it breaks down
I’ve darkened my territory
I’ve shunned the sun from my land
I’ve vanished people to another world
I’ve kept my soul from feeling
From understanding.
Why is there light now?
Is that the sun?
The stars glowing too bright tonight?
No. The walls.
Why have they roughened?
Beings will be able to climb now.
Don’t climb. Please dont.
He flew? You can’t fly.
You can’t enter.
Why are the doors open?
Close this instance.
Don’t come near. That’s an order.
Listen to me.
Don’t listen to me.
Don’t leave.
Stay here.
Open the windows.
Let the breeze feel our presence.
Let the world know that we exist.
I can’t handle his.
Don’t handle me.
You’re scaring me.
Bring back my darkness.
Don’t shine in here.
Stop holding me.
Stop warming me.
I can get used to this.
So leave. Leave while I can forget.
Leave… And take me away.