The human flowerbed.

She leaped into the core of an efflorescence.

The point at which her toes touched the damp soil,

pastel light shone, whirling around her limbs,

spiralling around her fragile body.

Leaves covering her entirely like a bed sheet.

Thorns piercing her skin for stability.

Lilies fixated on her chest just above her heart,

maintaining its virginity, its purity;

Surrounded by sweet violet Hydrangea,

to provide or steal away strength

for all the heartfelt emotions.

White Gardenia circling the neck and shoulder blades,

for the rich sweetness of hidden affection.

Eloquence is the Iris’ obligation,

outlining the lips,

and blossoming out of her mouth;

purple for wisdom

blue for faith

and yellow for passion,

all of which are the Iris’ duties.

Lavender Heathers filling her beautiful mind,

the origin of her beauty and sensibility.

White Heathers coursing in her limbs for protection,

and for good luck when dreams convert to reality.

Running down her back to her behind are long-lasting Orchids,

to maintain pride, refined taste, luxury and perfection.

A masterpiece, she has become.

So delicately structured.

So dangerous and rare.

A flowerbed that breathed in life.

A human flowerbed, that is.

Flowers; People

She hated flowers.

There were too many types, colors, shapes to comprehend.

Too many names.

Too many meanings; some hold multiple interpretations.

They eventually die too,

even if you take care of them, cherish them.. they wilt and wither.

But even when they die, they look beautiful;

Dark, defined feature.

She hated flowers.

People and flowers are alike.

These voices again. 

Smoke is gathering

And I can barely see.

Confusion fill my expression.

Eyes colored with a deep maroon.

Tears are bleeding out.

Coughing out red stains.

Sirens are screaming for help,

But no one is attending.

The sound is screeching on a blackboard

And my ears are itching from irritation.

These are moments where I don’t understand

What on earth is happening 

Why and how is it happening

And all the voices crying in my head

Are trying to answer me

At the same bloody time

Injuring the shell of the human 

That they are contained within.


There’s a limit to what a human can handle.

There’s a limit to what a robot can achieve.

There’s a limit to what a body can exhauste.

And there’s a limit to what a brain can process.

A man can develop muscles by lifting heavier weights gradually. 

But a sudden lift of a force greater than what one can manage,

Causes too much strain, an intensified stress, and an overload of pressure,

Leading to a mental breakdown followed by a physical one too.

Until then I exhale a cloud of smokes, hoping the weight of this stress

Would be expired too..


We’re sitting on the ground; he’s leaning on the tree, and I’m leaning on him.

I made sure I got a lot of cushions; one behind his back in case the tree is rough and the rest just scattered around us.  

We’ve set up a projector just a couple of meters away.

He says we could watch whatever I like. I say then I’d watch you. 

He smiles softly and asks again. So, I choose an anime he’s watching that I haven’t yet started. 

Sitting between his legs, his arms hugging me close, my hands interlocked with his, his fingers gently stroking mine. 

We did not need to bring any flashlights; the stars are shining above us.

The sky is a witness for a compassion two beings have willingly shared. 

The wind exists in transparent waves, blowing my hair that is brushed across his face. 

He giggles, pushing away my hair to one side, as he sinks his face into my neck.

He holds me tighter; my back is pressed against his torso, so warm and comforting.

I can feel his breaths; his facial hair like feathers teasing my collar. 

A prey of a vampire who I have chosen on my own. 

I call his name. He interrupts with that one word that can clench the muscle in my chest and electrify my senses, sending a shock of haziness to my brain. 

He smirks, knowing the effect of his bewitchment, but still, he says it again – this time, closer to my ear. 

My eyes shot open. 

Life is being nourished by his proximity. 

Attention diverted from the perfect date to focus on our existence as one entity. 

Where time’s only definition is merely…our existence.