Her love was killing me,

and my love for her was draining away my energy. 

I was suffocating,

and my heart was shrinking, losing power, losing Love. 

I had no love for anyone but her. 

It was making me sick, burying me alive. 

Until one day, my soul gave me an ultimatum.

My heart stopped racing, my soul started leaving 

But as I left.. as I left her, It was like

I dragged the defibrillator and 

My Soul shot in me, spreading throughout my body

Purifying every inch of me, starting with my Heart

Bringing me to Life, Loving everyone but one. 

Her humanity, declining.

Her humanity was declining
Her emotions, evaporating
She grasped her heart
And ripped her humanity out
But to live with this body
She needed to place her brain
In her chest,
Driving the circulation.
So now she lives her life
Satisfied by logic and science
That are circulating
To every organ in her body
Thinking and feeling
With the same organ
Exasperating her brain
Until her body was put to rest
In a valentines day.