I pray for your happiness more than I pray for mine.

Don’t ask me how I feel about you,

Because the answer is the same.

I honestly don’t know.

I know that the way I view your personality

Has changed over the years,

Which makes it confusing for me to figure out my feelings.

I don’t think I’ll ever love myself wholeheartedly,

Because if I did, I would have accepted your love.

I never think I deserve that kind of admiration.

Maybe that’s why I can only chase behind those

Who can love me less than I do.

Don’t ask me if there’s any hope,

Because the answer is still the same.

I hope you’ll find someone better

Who can love you the way you deserve to be loved.

I feel like,

I can never allow myself to be with you

Because I think too highly of you.

And I think too little of myself.


The simplest gestures

Showing that my presence 

Is still wanted

Even if not needed,

Creating numerous 

Bubbles of happiness 

In the chambers of my heart,

Popping one by one,

With each pop 

A breath is stolen

And the aftermath 

Is a stupid smile 

Painted on my blushed face. 

Where life was lived in half (2).

She has reached the frosty peak

Of the third mountain 

From her right,

Disappointment was about

To stain her heart,

But she saw him


In the Kingdom of the West.

He wore that smile of his

With sleepy eyes

And lines around the sides.

And somehow the world 

Felt right. 

He might have lived too far away

Busy and crowded with beings

Excluding herself, but

She could not help but realise

The blessing of his existence. 

She exhaled slowly

Thinking that

The winds of her relief 

Had danced around that young man

In that blissful day. 

The only day that she watched 

A full journey of the star

That she and he shared.

At least we have one bright thing in common, she thought.

That butterfly feeling?

I can only define the butterfly sensation as the overthinking of my heart because I did feel it when i was not thinking about a guy I liked. I felt it when I was writing a poem about honesty and about me feeling nothing. So when your heart is stressed and confused, that is when your stomach reacts.