Don’t tell me what’s on your mind.

Take me for a night drive.

We’ll take turns with the playlist.

We’ll listen in silence.

I’ll light us up a cigarette.

And we can drown in our own pollution

Of thoughts and smoke.

Earth 17

I see a future within you.

And I see my future with you.

An amethyst ring wrapped around my fourth digit.

A platinum ring around yours.

The sunrays’ reflecting back to the sky,

Creating the perfect beam of a rainbow,

As if to confirm Jehan’s blessing.

Roaming around in your car,

And we’re finally not afraid to be caught.

Holding your arm, not because I’m afraid you’d go,

But because I publicly can.

Waking up to your droopy eyes and your hoarse voice.

Coming back home to a place that smells like you and me and cigarettes.

Traveling to Iceland, Japan, and Australia before the responsibility of being parents come to our plate.

Seeing your reaction when I place your hand on my tummy, and wait for you to figure it out.

Witnessing how you learn to be my beloved husband and a loving father.

Supporting you unconditionally in your work and hobbies.

Becoming that couple whose crib is where The gatherings take place,

That couple who still fool around even though they’re grandparents.

Holding your wrinkly hand while we sleep,

Placing my hand on your chest as you sleep, sometimes, to make sure you’re still with me.

Loving you, caring for you, raising our children, showing you that even with my difficult self, Life is beautiful with a little challenge and a pinch of stubbornness.

The future is uncertain

I say that I don’t expect anything
But that’s no true
I am expecting the worst
I am expecting this to end
That you won’t like my natural face
The one without make up
That you’ll get bored of my stories
That you’ll get tired of my laughs
That you’ll pick on my flaws
Rather than embracing them.
As confident as I am,
I am still imperfect
I like my flaws
I like my face
I like my body
I like me.
But I’m expecting that you wont
That you wont like me.. Anymore.

Why would you expect such a thing,
My dear?
We can go as slow as you want
Or as quick as the wind.
I’ll be right at your pace
Right next to you to feel my warmth
Right behind you to protect you
Right in front of you to guide the way.
Set your expectations free.
Let us walk our path
At our own pace.
No rush. No trouble.
As for your flaws,
I have already embraced them.
I acknowledge their existence.
I love them as they are.
I like you as you are
Because the you now,
Likes me as who I am.
Why are you looking down?
Hey, look up.
Look at my eyes as they shine.
They shine because of the stars
The stars within you.
Yes. Smile.
Smile until your eyes soften.
The future is uncertain.
It’s terrifying, I know.
But as there is a sad ending,
There is also a happy one.
Until the day our journey detours
From the happy to the sad,
Let us hold hands
Until our memories come to an end.
Let me make you smile a little longer.
Let me fill your heart with my love
Until your heart is fuelled for life.