Drift compatible.

We do not need 

A neuro device

Electrodes and wires

To merge

Our two individual 

Minds, hearts, and bodies

To one entity.

We already existed as one;

We existed as halves

That fit congruently.

While he makes up the right side

I make up all the left side.

And for those of you 

Who have passed biology

Would understand that 

The left side cannot function

Without the right part of the brain

And vice versa.

We are compatible.

Virtually, realistically, physically,

Mentally, and emotionally compatible.

But we needed some kind of drift

An impulse to drive the blood

From his ventricle to mine,

A build up of events

A build up of flooding emotions

A collision of hopelessness,

That would revive our dying souls,

That would activate our compatibility.

But I have never seen him.

I would need a mirror to do so.

The world that we live in 

Do not approve of mirrors.

Even glass that gives off reflections

Is banned.

Just when my self 

Has truly become complete,

Life is determined 

To drag us both to the filthy ground.

But he knows

How much I love the sky

And he refuses to be pushed down,

So he raises our chin up

And starts working from scratch

To build a city of our preference 

To build a city full of mirrors,

Where we can finally 

See each other

Be together

And light that black flame

And color it red, orange and gold.