Standing ovation

You deserve a standing ovation.

Such a glamorous entrance.

A pure gentleman.

And like a great performance,

You sure did leave an impact

Just before the curtains went down.

You even managed to look back


That deadly smile.

You bowed one last time.

And the show was over.

The intensity of it all.

The powerful sensation you get

When watching a masterpiece;

Indescribable kind of art.

The way you managed to

Organise my emotions and

Entangle them,

Like a professional puppeteer.

As I said,

You deserve a standing ovation.

So I stand, clapping

Mascara tears running down

Along with a smile

And a speechless expression.

Awake or Asleep..

I lay back, close my eyes, and float in the rhythm of my dreams..
And when once my dreams were an escape from reality..
Reality has come to haunt me to my bed,
As it has graved itself at the core of my subconscious.
Now I cannot tell between being awake or asleep..
The pain feels the same in both worlds..
The guilt tastes sour, choking me.
There is no relief, but heightened stress..
Drowning by my own misery, my own history.
Is there a writer out there..
Who could rewrite my yesterdays
And glamour them with sugar-coated lies?
Maybe I could be manipulated that all these dreams and reality
Are the stories of a character in a book..
A sad old dusty book.
That has nothing to do with me.
That I’m just a reader of my story.

That butterfly feeling?

I can only define the butterfly sensation as the overthinking of my heart because I did feel it when i was not thinking about a guy I liked. I felt it when I was writing a poem about honesty and about me feeling nothing. So when your heart is stressed and confused, that is when your stomach reacts.

Breathing your battles away.

In the beginning,
You write for yourself.
Trying to express the battles,
That you’re constantly fighting within you
Wearying every breath you take
While you elaborate every detail.
As you exhale
Its as if one enemy down.
And as you inhale again
You take a stab..
In a distinctive agonising memory.