Drift compatible.

We do not need 

A neuro device

Electrodes and wires

To merge

Our two individual 

Minds, hearts, and bodies

To one entity.

We already existed as one;

We existed as halves

That fit congruently.

While he makes up the right side

I make up all the left side.

And for those of you 

Who have passed biology

Would understand that 

The left side cannot function

Without the right part of the brain

And vice versa.

We are compatible.

Virtually, realistically, physically,

Mentally, and emotionally compatible.

But we needed some kind of drift

An impulse to drive the blood

From his ventricle to mine,

A build up of events

A build up of flooding emotions

A collision of hopelessness,

That would revive our dying souls,

That would activate our compatibility.

But I have never seen him.

I would need a mirror to do so.

The world that we live in 

Do not approve of mirrors.

Even glass that gives off reflections

Is banned.

Just when my self 

Has truly become complete,

Life is determined 

To drag us both to the filthy ground.

But he knows

How much I love the sky

And he refuses to be pushed down,

So he raises our chin up

And starts working from scratch

To build a city of our preference 

To build a city full of mirrors,

Where we can finally 

See each other

Be together

And light that black flame

And color it red, orange and gold.

Your synonyms.

If you are dangerous,

I am ready to take the risk.

If you are contagious.

I am ready to be sick chronically.

If you are lethal.

I am ready to die between your hands.

Because I already know 

That you are fire,

As I have burnt with desire.

I already know 

That you are a devil,

Possessing my innocent soul.

I already know 

You are the dark knight,

Who rises even where there is no light.

And I have just known that

You are time,

The unit of which I have depended on in Life.


He is like a bottle that is easy to open,
Easy to talk to, approachable, even under the scorching sun.
My inner self flowed easily with no awkwardness,
Flowed like water or beads of a broken necklace.
I spoke my mind with no filter, no second thoughts,
And waited patiently for what the new conversation brought,
As it revealed another trait for me to admire,
Or a common interest, or a common desire.
But do not misunderstand and leap to conclusions,
I am not being one of those girls who hope with false delusions,
Thinking about a relationship and a happy ending.
I’d rather live in the moment and openly share all that is trending.
At this point I am trying too hard to rhyme,
And match every word of this poem with it’s given time.

Returning back to the topic and the focus of this writing,
To the heart of my soul that has been igniting,
Since the time he defended me and claimed my perfection,
And found his personality walking along mine in a parallel direction.
As short as this moment may last,
I’ll cherish every millisecond until it slowly pasts ~

I May..

I may have not reached today’s standards of perfection,
But I do feel beautiful from the inside and out.
I may not look attractively appealing to all,
But I am satisfied with every inch of flesh and bone.
I may not have come from a line of royalty to reach my ambitions,
But I am working at my own pace with my own merits.
I may have not inherited all the good traits of my parents,
But I have learnt from their bad traits to control my own.
I may have not lived up to people’s expectations,
But neither have they so I still survive their daunting eyes.
There are a lot of things that I may have not,
But so many more that I may have.
So if you may, just please, leave the judging to me,
Because fact be told, it’s my own fate, my own choices, and it will always be own life.

Dishonest Relationship

And what we had was a dishonest relationship.
One where my eyes would express lack of interest,
One where I’d glimpse his smile and ache deeply,
Because it was intended not for me, but for another weakly.
One where I would talk about anything but us
To avoid saying any truth that can force our memory to rust
One that tempts me to warm myself against him
And expect goosebumps to spread on his skin.
One where he’d speak of the XX’s so openly
And I’d listen with an indifferent act..Silently
A dishonest relationship that I have selfishly accepted,
To fulfil a wish that has not yet been granted
A dishonest relationship that was created in my mind
Hence the name, as there is nothing real that you will find.
A dishonest relationship where he is not present,
Where I haven’t yet revealed my feelings that still ascend.

A dishonest relationship still exists
Until this man can call me “his”.

As clouds protect the moon..

The sky is layered
With ashes of clouds
Scattered like pixie dust
Covering up the moon
Covering up the only light
coming from the other worlds
Maybe it’s for the best
Maybe the truth needs to be hidden
Hidden from us..
And from whatever world out there..
Maybe an interference
Between two realms or more
Could open the gates of confusion,
Between what is real..
And what could have been a dream..

Chasing after the sun.

Like the sun, you make my palms sweat and my heart palpate.
You brighten my life and leave my darkness shadowed behind me.
You surround me most of the day, warming me like a piece of clothing I wear, but disappear at night,
Then I find myself chasing after your existence, but end up writing words that don’t even rhyme