His sweater.

“Tomorrow’s a bit windy”, he said, “don’t wear something warm”, looking at her with a grin.
“I’ll be too cold, you know how whiney I can get with the cold”, she responded.
“No you won’t, i’ll take care of that”

Next day, he went to meet her and saw her hair dancing, sending warm prickles to his cheeks. He snuck behind her, stretched the end of his sweater and trapped her inside.
“Snuggle in, angel. One sweater is enough, don’t you think?”
Her arms found their way through his sleeves, and he held her closely, burying his head in her neck, smelling fresh watermelon.
I love you – he thought, but he couldn’t say it out loud because he felt more than that.. More than love could describe.
“I love you more than love itself”, she said, as if she read his mind.


Apnea –noun Pathology
A temporary suspension in breathing that can occur to adults during sleep.

Apnea does not take place because of obesity or another disease of some kind, as they say. It happens due to a battle between reality and a dream. When an individual recognises that what he is experiencing is a mere fantasy of his subconscious mind, the soul reacts by punishing the body with suffocation for dozing off in its subconscious world.