Welcome to Midnight.

There’s something about Midnight

that I’ve recently understood;

A gravitational pull that invites you

to its darkness.

The night pushes you in

to a room full of

lonely thoughts,

clenched jaws,

and heavily burdened breaths.

The more you feel like you’re at home,

the harder it is

to accept the sun.

This shell has a mind of its own.


Your body seems to know you more than you do,

when you’re exhausted,

it decides to shut down,

automatically on autopilot;

you gradually give in to the darkness that fills your eyes,

If only it can fill my heart too, I could then be banished to a different world, 

you whisper under your breath as your mind leaves reality.

Dark anatomy.

Ropes wrapped around me, dragging me down

Hair pulled backwards, cracking my neck

Arms going to different directions, pulled apart

Eyes leaking blood and disappointments

Lungs shrunk in – no more breaths

– No more life. 

And he glanced at her, moving head sideways

Either he was admiring or trying to understand

Admiring the gush of blood and ripped out body

Understanding her pain, her sorrow, her darkness

He stood still, and she never recovered.