Oh pearl in the sky,

Wrapped with a thin sheet of clouds,

Tell him, we were never meant for goodbyes,

Tell him,

I still love him without a doubt..


The weather; You

You’re like this weather;

a chilly breeze

breathing on me

freezing my senses

my sensibility

affecting my judgements

making me irrational.

Then like the sun

as it shines on me;

a soft embrace,

warming my body

my heart,

calming me,

securing me.

And as the clouds

fill the sky,

taking the wind and sun away;

You disappear.

Walking past time.

The clouds – as if white smoke that froze in the air,

moving in a cycle, but that’s wrong,

Science says that the Earth rotates around its axis


So, we’re the ones walking past those clouds, my clouds.

What about time?

What if time is frozen, and we’re walking past time?

What if time is constant, but we’re the ones distancing ourselves?

That we were the problem?

Weren’t humans always the problem, anyway.

The clouds and I

I’ve always envied
The blue skies above
For being able to
Lurk around the white clouds
To be able to linger
And feel their presence.
Not any more.
For I have touched the clouds
Just the day before yesterday
When my precious clouds
Willingly sent
Pieces of themselves
To reach me here
On this humble ground
They were falling
Like small marshmallows
Soft and white, but cold.
I’ve slept on a bed of clouds
And felt a strong chill
Radiating to my heart
And found myself satisfied
As my clouds found shelter
Within me, along with the sky
That’s when the clouds and I
Have started to see each other
Every winter
We’d meet.
There is no specific day
But every day after winter
I long for the cold to come
So I can feel the clouds
Between my hands
And that chill I once felt
When our story began.