Interesting year already.

Exam period,

Summer is yet to begin,

Sun arrived early,

Winter’s coldĀ is disappearing,

Along with boyfriends too.

A new trend:

Guys breaking up in the midst of their girl’s studying.

Witnessed four already.

Any comer for number 5?


I heard a knock on the door
At 3 in the bloody morning.
I looked through the hole,
He was right there standing.

Eyes swollen and red.
I could have sworn I saw a tear running.
His shirt so soaked and wet,
Probably from the rain that was pouring.

Then that tear was just a raindrop,
His eyes – he could’ve been high again.
I told him never to smoke and to stop,
He also told me he won’t cause any pain.

He’s knocking again now, gently and slow,
I can feel the desperation in his fists,
Trying to lift them as he deliver his blow,
I can see him saying something now, but all i can hear is a hiss.

Was he stuttering on the letter ‘ess’?
Or maybe he was just freezing cold?
I did hear it would be 0 degrees or a minus,
Either way, he’s not mine to take care off and to hold.

Another knock,
Another escaping word.
Should I unlock?
Or pretend that I haven’t heard?

I’m leaving, I’m giving my back to the door,
Two extra bangs and I freeze,
But it was too sudden that I fall on the floor.
I can hear his voice now, like a howling breeze.

Why is he here? What is he doing here?
I told him I don’t want to see him,
I told him to go away, to disappear,
And to let me hate him and to condemn.

When once I was fuelled with his love
I have found more passion in hatred.
Our fate that was held between the stars above,
Have faded away in despair and drifted.

So I’ll stay here on the ground,
I’ll remain untouched and unemotional,
Until you stand there scratching on your wounds,
Making them bleed like you’ve bled my mind and soul.

I’ll stay here on the ground,
I’ll remain as I turn my heart into stone,
Until I hear you choke like you’ve drowned,
Just as you’ve left me without air, all alone.

I’ll stay here, until you leave.
So please for fucks sake leave.
Because now it’s getting harder to breathe,
As I hear you cry and grieve.

Leave and find another heart to torment,
While I stay here on this lonely ground,
And time passes from the present,
And I finally start asking “when will my heart once again be found?”

Just another apology.

Have you seen the light that i saw?
Have you felt the breeze as you opened this door?
Because if you did, you’d understand why
I had to leave before the day that i die.
I’ve carried these sins too far in this road.
So i drowned them in the ocean and got on the safe boat.
I have to admit, the journey is quite difficult.
But the only thing that drives me is all of this guilt.
True, I do not know if my sins have been washed away.
Or have they sunk down as part of the ocean’s clay.
But I do have faith that God is forgiving,
And all i have to do is continue living,
Repenting all the mistakes that I have done
To earn a high place in our sacred Heaven.