The scene of your agony

When you exhale

heavy clouds

and the rain comes pouring down,

then the sun shines

brighter than the darkness within you,

and the moon reflects back

the light trapped within your soul.




A constant beep in my head,

stolen from a heart that has now ceased.

A mild type of tinnitus.

But instead of being unnoticed

when in a crowd

or in the presence of external noises,

The sound shuts off

the world and all its commotion.

A constant beep,

but if you listen closely,

You can meet Silence.

Silence and its twin, Peace.

But be ware,

Do not take shelter in that Silence…

Or you’ll come across

the internal sounds

that are like parasites

in that brain of yours.

Desperate words

Words so desperate 

to flow into 

the ocean of a poem. 

Confusion building up 

in the faces of the voices 

that reside within a crowded brain. 

Brain already swollen 


the pressure it contains.



Too much thoughts, unorganised.
An overload of things that could be said, written.
But as I dig into my brain for a complete and sensible sentence,
there’s nothing.


How do you see your brain?

My brain, as I imagine it, is a long rope of continuous and multiple knots, that are tied in an exhausting unbearable way.


Her humanity, declining.

Her humanity was declining
Her emotions, evaporating
She grasped her heart
And ripped her humanity out
But to live with this body
She needed to place her brain
In her chest,
Driving the circulation.
So now she lives her life
Satisfied by logic and science
That are circulating
To every organ in her body
Thinking and feeling
With the same organ
Exasperating her brain
Until her body was put to rest
In a valentines day.