In the shower. 

In the shower,

Rushing water distorting my thoughts.

Then a burning fire 

Flames up in my chest, 

Spreading upwards to my head,

Fixating around my eyes.

A sharp sudden gasp escapes;

And the scene before me becomes


Water coming from the showerhead 

Or is it from me? 

I could not tell. 

I try to wash the tears away

But the more time passes 

The more the agony intensifies 

And I just want this affliction 

To desert me 

The way love did. 

And by the time my body 

Starts to calm down

And my eyes finally opens

I find myself laying on the floor

And I begin to wander 

If I was just dreaming…

In the bathroom?

There is no clear explanation.

But I refuse to believe that 

The burdens I usually carry 

Are following me even 

At my rest point;

Physically weighing me down.