Create the memories if Life fails to present them to you

And if I ever get to sleep next to the man I love,
I’ll sleep for the first 30 seconds of each minute
And wake up at the last 30 seconds
During his sleeping hours
And sometimes when he’s awake,
So I can say I’ve slept and woken up too many times
And he was still there
As beautiful as the minute before.

Son (2)


Your mother needs you right now.

She needs to stroke your hair,

Hold your face,

Wraps you within her embrace,

Hear you call her name,

See you smile and act all silly.

She just needs you, son.

She needs you so she can love again.

She needs to feel that kind of affection

She wants to understand love, son.

Unconditional kind of love.

She needs to feel warm again.

She needs to feel.

Please. Son. 

Find your mother.

She is waiting for your call.

I blame you.

Songs have started to make sense,
I can feel the emotions they describe,
I can comprehend the stories they tell,
For that, I blame you.
My writings have always been dark,
Pessimistic and hopeless.
Now, I write like I can feel
An entire galaxy are shining
At the surface of my skin,
For that, I blame you.
The stained fragments of my past
The pain and regrets I have made
The songs that have been smudged
As part of my worst memories
Are purified with your existence,
For that, I absolutely blame you.
I used to stay up late
Watching anime or reading novels
Or just imagining a story
That I’d write for a book or a movie,
But now my mind seems preoccupied
With your grace’s presence
For that, I blame you
You and your existence
You and your words
You and your sleepy eyes
You and that smile of yours
You and.. Just you.
I blame you.
So blame me too.
Blame me too.