Every now and then, and very often. 

And i know he wants to sleep – he sounds like he does.

But he wants to have some sort of a conversation,

Maybe because we didnt talk much, 

Or maybe he knows I’m pissed at something. 

Either way,  i offer a half-assed story,

Because i know he’ll only half-ass the listening. 

And i don’t even get annoyed at the half-assed comments,

Because half of the focus were spent on trying not to sleep.

And now he says he wants to sleep. 

And i really want to fight because Fuck You for being so predictable. 

And Fuck you 

Because i cant take this anymore. 

And Fuck you 

Because I really want to hang up,

But for once, you’re breathing once again directly near the microphone. 

So fuck me for being weak. 

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