How are you doing?

Hope you’re well.

Can I also hope that you’re reading this?

How’s the snow there?

Are you warm enough?

Ah. Too many questions that I want to ask.

Too many selfish desires,

foolish attempts,

and unwanted outcomes.

I never intended to be the one who hurts you.

But, you probably still blame me,

and I understand, but you should too,

you should understand my side of the story.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry I couldn’t give you any part of me;

my mind, my heart, or my soul.

And I’m sorry if I injured any of yours.

I’m sorry that I see pain reflected in your eyes,

when you look at me.

I’m sorry I had your heart within my grasp,

and I had to let go;

it wasn’t mine to take, please understand.

Remember the selfish love I said I have for you?

Yes, it’s still true.

I love you selfishly.

But that’s cruel, I guess;

to love you in a way

that doesn’t allow you to take anything from me,

when you are capable of loving me wholeheartedly.

At this point,

I forgot the purpose of this piece.

But one day,

could you find it in your heart to forgive me?

We may not be able to talk like before,

but at least,

I’ll be able to ask you how you’re doing directly,

instead of talking to myself

in this lousy blog.


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