Reflection: Heartless, eh?

Heartless, eh?Is that how you see me?

Ah, well, you were always the victim, weren’t you?

The one suffering, the one in pain, the innocent one – all you.

The one who lost the only love, the only hope in this cruel world – you.

The one with the broken heart – you.

The one who is so torn that couldn’t hate the only love you had, even after two years – you.

You ask me to return your call, and I answer with silence – heartless, eh?

You ask me to fill the hole that I presumably made, even though that hole was there before you even met me – heartless, eh?

You ask me to wrap you, fold you, cherish you, just like I once did, and when I asked you then to unwrap yourself, you told me no that this is the person you are, that the personality you had wasn’t big news. Even though I changed my ways for your own taste, and when I changed back to the person I am, I was called… heartless, eh?

You, the one who let me shut myself from the world just to focus on your love and let me crush to pieces and breakdown, – heartless, eh? Oh, wait, you did not notice that I was breaking down, did you?

You ask me to defy oka-san just to make you feel better – who’s heartless, eh?

You ask me to disregard that what we may have has no real ending, to ignore the fact that there are consequences, to forget Kami-sama’s orders – who’s heartless again?

Ah, I’m the heartless one, no?

Since I’m heartless, please shut the fuck up and leave.

Don’t burn me alive like you once did, with clear invisible flames, no one could see them except me.

Marks still exist, only for my eyes to see. The pain still lingers like an annoying child that won’t leave his mother.

I can endure anything that comes from that selfish mind of yours, but taking the blame for your suffering is something I will never accept.

You are a selfish son of a bitch that will only think about your happiness solely and disregard mine.

I will not settle for this shit anymore.

Take responsibility for your own pain. Stop dragging other people with you. Stop drowning me with all of this guilt.

Even if you couldn’t hate me. I’ll tell you this. I do. I hate that you don’t recognise the shit you caused. So oblivious. Ignorant.

I hate how selfishly you speak. You have even become more selfish than before, why am I even surprised.

But yeah, going back to that remark of yours, I am heartless, I gave my heart away – oh, but I didn’t give it away to you..

My heart is distributed to all the people I have loved and love, except you.

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