Translated Dreams

Tell me what sadness is like,
then hear me out; I feel
sadness is
the disapproval of the stars’ constellations
with the morbid orbital of the moon;
the cosmos that were suppose to be my shining light
even with the ray showing my dark destination
yet I chose to stray, clinging onto empty hope
I hear the piano keys
The intimate instrumentals
turned sorrowful in this galaxy
The black and white
painted on my blank canvas
I don’t like the colours
I don’t like your work
I don’t like the games we’re playing
Can’t you hear? The fabric of my space and time, shattered by your shooting stars
I’m a lonely human in this lonely universe
You’re a lonely divine in mine
I fell deeper into the blackhole, the moment you pulled me

Now the music’s playing to our nothing
The unobtainable song filled;
with some sort of crimson resentment…

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The More I Ramble

So filled
The mind that is mine
Millions of thoughts
Thousands of memories

Swimming around
Bumping into one another
Merging relentlessly
Combining with that they shouldn’t


Overpowering the positive
Overwhelming the necessary
Thoughts grasping at ropes
Trying to breath

All these negative thoughts
Taking over my mind
Not because they’re plentiful
Not because they should

Forgetting things I never did
Wishing for a clearer head
What I wouldn’t do
To clear this cluttered mind

Copyright 2015 ~SMH~

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These voices again. 

Smoke is gathering

And I can barely see.

Confusion fill my expression.

Eyes colored with a deep maroon.

Tears are bleeding out.

Coughing out red stains.

Sirens are screaming for help,

But no one is attending.

The sound is screeching on a blackboard

And my ears are itching from irritation.

These are moments where I don’t understand

What on earth is happening 

Why and how is it happening

And all the voices crying in my head

Are trying to answer me

At the same bloody time

Injuring the shell of the human 

That they are contained within.

Grand piano

White and black keys,

Smooth and curved around the edges,

Sharp and blunt when required.

A grand piano.

He plays me well, you see.

So soft and delicately.

Rhythmical and full of emotions.

Sensational and sad at times.

Powerful half way through his piece.

The deaf would be cured if they heard.

He’s avoiding the final note

And he repeats the chorus again.

I am full of life within his hands.

And he reaches the last part

And I dread his fingers leaving mine.

Now he stands to give a bow,

But finishes with a kiss on my fall.

Fast train.

When you’re used to the speed of a fast train,

When you have already overcome the headaches,

The nauseous feelings and tingling sensations,

To find yourself enjoying the rush, the adrenaline,

But then the speed begins to slow down,

As if the engine is losing energy? Fuel?

Is there something blocking the track ahead?

Is the track incomplete? 

Or is there something wrong with the train?

Are the passengers unsatisfied?

I wish I never got comfortable. 

I forgot every journey has a destination. 

When will I arrive?