5 thoughts on “What is love?”

  1. The willingness to accept others/ not judge unconditionally. To put others and their needs before your needs, not out of self gain, but out of pure genuineness.

  2. Love is whatever you’ve experienced and your writing about all the time.
    That’s love, how emotional you get when you write about that person is definitely love.
    you claim you hate him, I don’t believe that.
    I belev you had pure love but something happened, there is always something.

  3. Excuse my curiosity but what do you mean by ‘is’ like does it mean your still on a relationship with that person or it means you still have feelings for the person, I’m kinda confused here you feel me

    1. in your first comment, you wrote ‘you claim you hate him’… It was interesting that the feeling you got from my writings after the love pieces was hate. I did not correct you because I respect and admire how people perceive any piece of writing.

      Yes, I still have feelings for this person. I love him. But we loved each other too soon. i love him regardless of relationship status. The relationship might have altered to friendship, but the love and respect still exist. We still exist in each others world, though not intimately.

      The distance and timing are too much as obstacles. Not everyone is fit for such patience. Not everyone can find sanity in controlling the eagerness within a human’s nature to physically touch their beloved, not sexually, but just feel their presence in a more tangible kind of way.

      What is love? is an incomplete piece. I had no description for ‘love’ at that time. I felt nothing. numb. cold. not hate. i just did not understand love. it was more of a rhetorical question that i would answer at a later time. but the blank answer given was an emphasis on the nothingness I felt.

      I love him.
      But I still do not understand love. since I am here and he is there. and we are not currently together, not even virtually. Why are we not together if we love each other. if he understands me so well, and I finally cared about another man that way. What is love?… if we are not together? – is the complete question.

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