The River

The Dubious Poet Collection


A river runs through me at all times.

A river from head down to toes.

A river which is assuaged by rhymes.

A river subject to my prose.

This river is stress manifested.

This river is found in us all.

This river is often detested.

This river is destined to stall.

My river is allowed to flow free.

My river is never blocked with a dam.

My river is the fuel that pushes me.

My river makes me who I am.

The stress of facing a failure.

The stress of fortunes fading too fast.

The stress of lethargic behaviour.

The stress of living in the past.

All do serve as an incentive.

All do push you on to succeed.

All do emphasize the inventive.

All do help in your hour of need.

Don’t dam the course of that river.

Don’t allow the pressure to build.

Don’t sit and watch dreams…

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