I May..

I may have not reached today’s standards of perfection,
But I do feel beautiful from the inside and out.
I may not look attractively appealing to all,
But I am satisfied with every inch of flesh and bone.
I may not have come from a line of royalty to reach my ambitions,
But I am working at my own pace with my own merits.
I may have not inherited all the good traits of my parents,
But I have learnt from their bad traits to control my own.
I may have not lived up to people’s expectations,
But neither have they so I still survive their daunting eyes.
There are a lot of things that I may have not,
But so many more that I may have.
So if you may, just please, leave the judging to me,
Because fact be told, it’s my own fate, my own choices, and it will always be own life.

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