Avoid. Deny.

Avoidance and denial won’t help solve a single thing.
When it is too late,
those two won’t be able to shut the real world down anymore.

Till now, I have not met “too late”.

Whenever she tries to breath..

Clenching the hems of her sweater as her breathing slowed down with the suffocating feeling that whatever is choking her airways is also blocking everything down to her stomach. 
Thinking about nothing but the pain that tingled through her trunk, centring at the upper left. 
Hearing the pounding of her heart against her chest, rhythmic, steady.. Now uneven, shaky, and.. halting.


She could almost swear it was clear as glass how his soul protested as it left his body.
Was it expressing pain and agony for being attached to this simple body?
Was it being punished?
She did not know.
But she did know this much..
That it was the soul that felt.. Pain or happiness.
The soul that hosted this body.
The soul was what you referred to.. As dead or alive.
The body is what you referred to as ‘it‘, not the soul.
The soul is the master.
The body is the companion.
There is no living body without a soul.